Hi, I'm Yilun, creator of Oakheart Capital. As a long term retail investor, I find the most time consuming and tedious part to be compiling financial data from sec filings. The problem is that stock brokerage or 3rd party research sites (i.e. yahoo finance) only provide limited financial history (5 years of annual results and 5 quarters of quarterly results). However, that amount of data is generally not enough for long term investing. To piece together a longer history of a company's financial performance, I would have to painstakingly go through each quarterly and annual filing and transcribe the financial data into excel.

There are paid solutions that do this, but they cost thousands of dollars/year. As a result, they are cost prohibitive unless you have a few million dollars to invest. Most retail investors, including myself, can't rationally justify that cost.

So I decided to build it. I wanted to make a simple stock research tool for long term oriented investors that accomplishes the following:

  • Surface key financial data and trends to help investors understand the company and its financials without manually compiling excel sheets everytime.
  • Reduce exposure to noise from the daily price action and news cycle associated with public equities, encouraging investors to focus on the fundamentals that lead to outperformance.
  • Ensure that this is affordable for everyday retail investors that don't have millions in the bank.

What you see in front of you is the result of that. With Oakheart Capital, you will get:

  • Up to 30 years of consolidated financial statements, cleaned and normalized across companies and currencies
  • Calculation of key valuation metrics over time
  • Links to SEC filings for subsequent deep dives
  • Real-time news feed to stay up to date on current events
  • Easy to use stock screener for discovery and comparison

Last but not least, you can get all this for just $20/month, less than what most people spend on starbucks every month. If you have $250,000 to invest, and you believe this tool can help improve your investment return by at least 0.1% per year, then it's effectively free to use.

If you are someone that’s actively pursuing a long term buy and hold strategy, would love for you to try it out! Feedback (both positive and negative) are welcomed. You can email me at yilun@oakheartlab.com or find me on twitter at @yilunzh

Cheers and may the odds be ever in your favour,